About Matt

Hi there,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Matt Somma and this is my "Resume."

Standard resumes can be boring and flat, right? I hope you'll enjoy the content I've pulled together below which chronicles my professional journey so far leading me to the present day. As of now I am currently searching for the next step in my career. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

I love understanding how humans think and act, which drove me to study marketing initially. The study and creation of personas, and their purchase journey, has always fascinated me and it drives my thinking to this day. Over the past 5+ years professionally I've jumped around quite a bit. What I first thought of as a weakness as I didn't allow myself ample time to dive fully into a discipline, I quickly turned into a strength. A solid business understanding and project management basis, paired with a creative concepting mindset, and finished off with an executional skillset has pushed me into pursuing a very specific type of career. Currently I'm searching for a position that will allow me to wear many hats, think strategically, while driving through to execution.

If you are in fact looking for my standard resume, you can view it here: Matt Somma Resume 2019.


A few images to give you a sense of who I am

Last jump of 2019

Skydiving in South Africa


Work Experience